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Tips on how to protect your family from mosquito bites

Mosquito Season.JPG
Mosquito Season.JPG
Posted at 5:16 PM, Jun 25, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — It's summer time, and that means spending a lot of time outside enjoying the weather. But, that also means the return of those pesky mosquitoes and some of the diseases they carry.

Jon Utterback and his Mosquito Joe team make a game plan to tackle homes and their greenery by using spray used to fight against mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

For Lori Pax, who got her house sprayed by Mosquito Joe, she wants the spray so her family can enjoy the outdoors.

"We like to be outside," Pax said. "We want the kids to have fun and not be eaten alive."

Utterback says the insects are hiding in your backyard.

"Mosquitoes like the lowest, darkest, dampest spot so as you get closer to that tree line, that's where the adults are going to be," Utterback said. 'And even in the daytime, if you walk a few paces into the woods, you're going to get hammered by mosquitoes."

And they're out in full force with all the rain we're having.

Don't forget to dump cups, pots, and buckets that may collect water around your home.

"Mosquitoes will lay eggs in there, and those eggs will turn into larvae. Even in a cap full of water, a mosquito can lay over 100 eggs," Utterback said.

Along with repellent containing DEET and having fans to deter mosquitoes, Utterback says the spray will last around three weeks.

So far, it's working for Pax.