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Unusual number of break-ins in small town of Rossville, Indiana

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jun 20, 2019

CLINTON CO. — A small Clinton County town experienced a mini-crime wave when vehicles were being broken into at an alarming rate.

At least one gun was stolen in the break-ins and police are imploring citizens to lock their vehicles.

Rossville has a population of about 1,500 people. Traditionally crime is low, but since Sunday there have been ten car break-ins.

Ryan Pritchett's vehicle was parked in his driveway when thieves stole his laptop, drone, and Ipad.

"Very concerning. We're in a small town, we all know each other. I've lived here for four years," Shelley Peterson, a resident, said. "I walk off and leave my house completely open and go to the gas station and take walks in the park. Now we all have to lock up our vehicles and everything."

Police have developed some leads.

"Following up on some security camera video from local businesses that have helped us ID what we believe to be a suspect," Detective Matt Feterick, with the Clinton County Sheriff's Department, said.

The video that Detective Feterick speaks of shows a group of individuals that police believe to be three suspects.

That said, people in Rossville are modifying their behavior, including David Bushfield who put additional lights on his driveway.

"We have seven kids altogether; last night we had some home from college," Bushfield said. "Everybody parked in the same driveway with the lights on... If they do want to sneak around. they are gonna have to risk putting themselves out in the light and be exposed."

The community is hoping the thieves are arrested quickly, and normalcy returns.

Later Thursday afternoon, 18-year-old Michael Hurley was arrested in connection to the burglaries. Police executed a search warrant at the suspect's house, and most of the property taken during the thefts have been recovered, including the gun.

He faces a preliminary charge of theft.