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Vandalism and theft causes set back for local construction workers

Posted at 11:21 AM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 11:21:48-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A local construction worker was ready to return to work as the job outlook is improving. But an act of vandalism and theft is a setback.

Rogelio Guerrero has been unable to return to work since his construction tools were taken from his vehicle. A couple vandalized his work van, slashing his tires, shattering windows, and stealing his tools on May 29.

Guerrero says he feared the man had a gun, so he ran into his south side Indianapolis apartment where his daughter Lupita Guerrero called 911 and then confronted the couple.

"He yelled out because I spoke. Because I called the cops. He (said he) was going to come back for me," Lupita Guerrero, Guerrero's daughter, said. "I feel we should all open up and say what's happening. If we can help, if it's needed ... There was people around not doing anything. They were just watching. This was a violent crime."

Lupita feels her father was being watched, and his van was an easy target. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department assigned a detective to the case.

Overall, IMPD has a unit that works on building relationships with the immigrant communities and encourages them to speak up when issues emerge.

"I don't wish bad on anyone, but what you guys did was wrong to do to a hard-working man that messes with no one."