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Vehicle damaged by mail carrier during dog attack in Indianapolis

USPS refused to pay for damages
Vehicle damaged during dog attack
Posted at 11:33 AM, Jun 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-10 11:33:33-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Dogs not on a leash went into attack mode on a postal employee who did what he had to do — jump on the first thing he saw to keep him safe.

The postal worker is okay, but the truck he jumped on sustained some damage, which the postal service denied.

Marcus French showed us his truck back in March. The coronavirus pandemic had yet peaked, but his story piqued our interest since he was still at odds with the postal service, and he had video proof.

"I'm glad he was safe and didn't get bit and was able to get away from danger," French said of the postal worker who had to jump on his truck to get away from two attacking dogs.

The incident happened on September 9.

When the mailman jumped on French's truck, he accidentally left behind several scratches and scuffs on the two-tone custom paint job.

French reached out to the postal service in hopes of them paying for the repair totaling over $4,400 -- after all, he had video proof of the situation.

In February, the United States Postal Service denied his request blaming the neighbor for being in violation of the city's leash ordinance and expressing regret for any damages that may have occurred.

"I've never experienced anything like this is my life," French said.

In April, Postal Service's Indianapolis office confirmed to RTV6 Marcus had filed a tort claim saying that he was fully informed of his legal rights.

In May, French's insurance company pulled through and paid for his truck's repairs.

A few weeks ago, he picked up his vehicle back in mint condition.

French is thankful for the outcome. He was surprised that even with video evidence, it took so long to resolve.

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