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Visibility concern at Carmel intersection

Posted at 4:49 PM, Jun 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-21 19:16:49-04

CARMEL — Drivers want changes made at a Hamilton County intersection where they say there is a visibility issue when pulling out onto a busy street.

The Arts and Design District in Carmel is a vibrant area. Main Street is lined with restaurants and businesses; it's a place people like Denise Moe, who lives in Carmel, spend a lot of their time. Moe lives just two blocks from this intersection at 1st Avenue SE and East Main Street.

"A lot of the street parking creates the blind intersections. If someone is trying to pull onto Main Street, or through Main Street, and someone is parked on the street it creates a blind intersection and possibly a dangerous situation," Moe said.

Moe says eliminating the first parking spot in front of Woody's Library and the Hamilton County Visitors Center would help drivers be able to see the traffic coming, so they can safely pull out.

"Frankly any car parked parallel parking in the street parking, it's impossible to see at all," Moe said.

City Councilor, Bruce Kimball, says the city council met with engineering a couple of weeks ago and they are now considering removing the parking spots. It's part of a broader study, looking at changes to parking for the Arts District and Midtown area.

"It is very worrisome to me, and I'm glad to see it's on the list the engineering is studying," Moe said. "I really hope it's one that will be eliminated. I hope that strongly."

The visibility issue at 1st Avenue SE and East Main Street is not the only safety concern. Another one that has people talking is the fact that there are no crosswalks at this location.

RTV6 reached out to the City of Carmel and learned the city has plans in place to add crosswalks to make the area safer.

Carmel police report there haven't been any crashes at this intersection within the last year. A city spokesman says there is no timeline yet on when the crosswalk will be added.