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Wandering dogs kill Indianapolis veteran's puppy

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Posted at 10:48 PM, Apr 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-03 15:25:50-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A veteran says his puppy was killed by two dogs running loose on the city's west side. Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside, or FIDO, explains that this is a perfect example of why proper fencing is essential.

FIDO is always looking for donations of fence paneling. The organization uses those donations to help people with financial difficulties put up enclosures for their dogs.

"Dogs have unconditional love," service veteran, Michael Williams, said. He takes in dogs in his community, like his puppy VA.

"They couldn't sell VA because he had worms on him, he was dirty," Williams said.

Williams brought VA into his home and cared for him. But last week something terrible happened while Williams was going home - two dogs started chasing him on his scooter. When Williams made it to his front door, VA ran out.

"He likes to come out because he's so happy to see me and then... they snatch my dog up. Started tearing him up, it was crazy," Williams said.

VA did not make it.

The situation has been tough for Williams, and these attacks happen all too often.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services reports that since last April, there have been 199 animal-on-animal attacks and 236 animal attacks on a person.

"You can't let your dogs run loose," Darcie Kurtz, executive director and founder of FIDO, said. "Putting a dog in a secure enclosure, that's just a lot safer for dog and human."

The group works to help people find better alternatives than keeping dogs out on a chain by maintaining built enclosures.

Kurtz says there is no excuse for pet owners to have their dogs running loose.

"There are many options so that people don't let their dogs run loose," she said. "If people would keep their dogs contained these kind of things wouldn't happen."

FIDO is always looking for volunteers and donations. For more information about how you can help, click here.