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Warren Township School bus driver fired for choking child

Posted at 10:08 PM, Nov 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-18 23:21:32-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A Warren Township bus driver was fired after an eight-year-old student says they choked him.

The student's grandmother, Kimberly Kincaide, says the school needs to do more than firing the driver.

"Javon told us that he was on the bus and the bus driver came and reached over another student and picked him up by his collar, choked him, dangled him in the air and threw him in the aisle," Kincaide said.

She wants criminal charges to be filed against the driver. Kincaide says the school told her the incident happened on Nov. 8, but she wasn't notified of the incident until Nov. 12.

"We were in total shock because hadn't heard anything from anyone," Kincaide said. "My grandson didn't even say anything. I believe he was just that frightened."

The school district hasn't been shown the family video of the incident and is asking for accountability and transparency.

Dennis Jarrett, a spokesperson for Warren Township Schools released the following to statement to RTV6 regarding the incident:

There was an incident on bus 173 that happened on Nov. 8th. District personnel were not made aware of the situation until November 11th. The incident was immediately investigated and it was determined that the bus driver inappropriately handled the child, although there was no evidence of choking. The driver's employment has been terminated by the district and the investigation results turned over to authorities for further review.

The school says the findings of their investigation have been turned over to the authorities. It is unknown if any charges have been filed.

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