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Weekend shooting at funeral home leads to community peace walk against gun violence

The peace walk took place Monday evening.
Posted at 1:27 AM, Aug 03, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — "It was just an argument that went wrong," Audrey McPherson said. "By people that clearly didn't care about us grieving at all."

McPherson is reflecting on another unthinkable act of violence in Indianapolis, after her loved one’s funeral became the scene of a shooting on Saturday.

Police said the attack injured at least five people, including a four-year-old child.

As a result, a community peace walk took place Monday night, opposing gun violence and sharing a message for the community. The community call-to-action to stop gun violence comes after the young child and a 16-year-old girl were among the many who were shot at a funeral home.

"We were grieving, and we couldn't even grieve properly," McPherson said. "We grieved inside and came out to grieve even more."

The horrific scene unfolded in the parking lot of Sprowl Funeral and Cremation Care, located on the city's west side.

"It happened so fast I just can't break it down detail for detail," McPherson added.

Officers with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said it started with a fight that took an unnecessary turn when a man pulled out a gun and started shooting, leaving several people wounded.

"The four-year-old really made the impact. The 16-year-old that was so strong through it all and she just kept repeating, 'I'm strong, I'm strong, but it burns.' I feel happy to know that even she's up and able to greet us with the peace sign to remind us that's what it's about," McPherson said. "They're okay and that's very encouraging."

It was a frightening moment that put many lives in danger, and the final straw for community members who are tired of the violence.

On Monday evening, residents met at United Methodist Church before walking to the funeral home where the incident took place, before returning back to pray. And hopefully, take a step forward to put an end to these unwanted acts in the community.

Twana Ray said this was her first time attending something like this, and after hearing about the two girls who were caught in the gunfire, she just couldn't sit back and not do anything any longer.

"We need to stop this crime. We need to slow down and stop it," Ray said. "If we could get a hold of what is causing all this crime in our city and just stop it. Just stop it. Just end it. It's just too much."

"I'm sure if I could speak for at least one person in the family they would just say that they're tired. Tired of hurting and we need to take back our community," McPherson said.

McPherson added that the next few hours for the four-year-old girl are very crucial. She's currently on a 72 hour watch before doctors can start taking her off of tubes and machines.