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With street lights out, Noblesville drivers feel left in the dark on 146th Street

Posted at 6:22 PM, Nov 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-14 18:22:14-05

NOBLESVILLE — Lining 146th Street just east of State Road 37 in Noblesville are dozens of street lights.

However, at night, many of the lights aren't working. Lee Abernathy, who lives in Noblesville, first noticed two or three lights out and then she started counting.

"Monday night, I was getting off of 69 around 8:30 at night and it was real snowy. I just thought well it seems a little dark out here," Abernathy said. "I started counting and there it was probably maybe 50."

RTV6 drove to the area Wednesday night and counted at least 40 lights out along 146th Street just off State Road 37.

"My concern is the lights are out and it's dark and they need to be fixed," Abernathy said.

Duke Energy and the City of Noblesville are both aware of the issue and they know people in the area have concerns. Replacing streetlights is identified as one of Noblesville Now capital improvement projects for the near future.

"I would like a timeline," Abernathy said. "When are they going to be turned on? When are they going to be fixed? I don't know if they are broken. I don't know if they need to change the light bulbs. I don't know who is in charge."

The city has had preliminary discussions with Duke Energy about improving safety and aesthetics in the area, which will include the new energy-efficient streetlights from State Road 37 to I-69. Right now, there is no definite timeline and a city spokesman said funding is a factor.

The spokesman said it is a wiring problem, rather than a light bulb issue. He said some of the damage is due to field mice and other animals getting into the conduits and chewing on the wiring.