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Woman credits her dog for saving the day during break-in

Posted at 12:36 AM, Jun 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-26 00:36:33-04

INDIANAPOLIS — An east side woman is thankful for her small, but fierce, dog after someone tried to break into her house while she was home.

Ginger McQueen and her dog, LuLu, were inside when someone outside tried to get in. McQueen said she feels like LuLu saved her life.

"I had an intruder, and she was immediately at my door growling, barking, scratching," McQueen said. "He proceeded to open my window. I had the window halfway open because I had a little screen there. My dog started at him."

It was just the right amount of distraction for McQueen to take action.

"Thank God because that gave me enough time to think about what I can do next," she said. "I pepper-sprayed him enough to subdue him. It knocked him out the window completely into a fetal position."

Police were called out for the burglary in progress, and McQueen said they arrived almost as soon as she hung up the phone. However, the terrifying ordeal has changed things for her.

""I will never leave my windows open again, not even upstairs," she said. "I want others to be aware. Keep your lights on, close your windows at night."

McQueen grew up on Burgess Drive where it happened and only moved back a few weeks ago.

"It's very devastating," she said. "I just started to get settled in and I have a very nice place and it's sad."

The incident has McQueen on high alert, but she's glad to know she has a little hero who is always on guard.

"Mommy did reward her," McQueen said. "She got lots of new toys."

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