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Woman frustrated over late IndyGo buses

Posted at 5:22 PM, Oct 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-28 17:34:24-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Some IndyGo riders are becoming more frustrated over late buses.

For people like Deborah Mosley who rely on IndyGo to get to and from work on time, she says it's frustrating when she says the buses are late or off schedule at two-three times a week.

"The day that the bus didn't come at all, there was a lady that was on the bus with two small children," Mosley said. "It was very cold outside and she had a lot to say about the fact that her and her two small children were standing outside waiting in the cold for this bus so. It's affecting a lot of people."

Mosley says she has filed four complaints with IndyGo and has not received a response to those complaints.

You can read the full statement from IndyGo below:

IndyGo is committed to improving the quality of service we provide to our riders. So far in October, Route 5 has operated with an on-time percentage that is in line with IndyGo's system average. IndyGo recognizes that sometimes incidents do occur that impact service quality. Traffic conditions, weather, and number of bus operators, and their driving styles are all variables that contribute to the customer experience. Providing safe, reliable service to riders is our priority, and IndyGo continues to focus on implementing new technologies and strategies to meet riders' needs.

Our quality assurance team investigates each complaint individually to identify root cause of the reported problem. IndyGo management has received notification of Ms. Mosely’s complaints and will receive a personalized phone call.

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