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Woman looking for answers after she lost almost everything in storage unit burglary

Posted at 11:10 PM, Dec 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-07 06:39:39-05

INDIANAPOLIS — When Jacqueline Carr left everything she owned inside a storage facility, she thought it would all be safe and her insurance policy would help take care of things if anything went wrong.

However, she said, that is not what happened.

"It's gone. It's just gone and all my personal items are gone," Carr said. "My stuff I've worked hard for and you know it's not being replaced in anyway shape or form and its like nobody cares. It's like, 'Sorry your stuff got broke in, but ya know.'"

Just weeks before moving into her new house, thieves burglarized Carr's storage unit at SecurCare Safe Storage on South Emerson Avenue in Beech Grove. She escorted RTV6 to her unit to show us what was taken and what was left behind.

Carr paid $9 a month for a $2,000 insurance policy from SecurCare Self Storage, but when she filed a claim, she was denied because the company said the lock was missing after the burglary.

Her insurance policy said 100% of the coverage will be paid out in the event of a burglary or a hold-up, except in cases where the unit was unlocked.

"Well, I did have a lock on it prior to the break-in and after the break-in, I don't know what happened to the lock," Carr said. "I'm sure they cut it off and I don't know what happened after that."

An access code is required to get both in and out of the facility and each unit has a key. Carr said she is 100% sure hers was locked and said that can be proven by the company's own employees.

"I asked her Tuesday. I called and I said, 'So every morning from the last time, you seen me punch my number in the gate until Friday morning, there was a lock on it? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday?' She said yes, because I do the lock check and so Friday morning when it wasn't there that's when she called me," Carr said.

SecurCare has not responded to RTV6's requests for comment.

Carr said she made a police report with the Beech Grove Police Department, but so far no one has looked at the security cameras.

"The police did not even look at the cameras because he said it wasn't directed right on my unit, but it could've seen who was parked in front of my unit," Carr said.

Carr said losing everything from her bed to a coin collection from her parents was frustrating enough, but now she is not getting help from the people she thought were there to help.

"I don't know why nobody ain't helping me find out who did it," she said.

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