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Woman raises health and safety concerns at Mariners Village apartment complex

Posted at 6:26 PM, Oct 22, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — A woman moved into a place she once thought she could call home, not the place causing her to fear for her health and safety.

Jacquelyn Hunt moved into the Mariners Village apartment complex about six months ago.

She says there is now mold, rotting balconies and sewage backups in the apartment.

"It's just one thing after another," Hunt said. "That's unacceptable. We don't live like that. I won't make my family live like that."

After it took days for a maintenance employee to come fix a toilet that wouldn't flush, she reached out to the health department. The toilet was fixed shortly after.

Because her balcony is unattached and the boards are rotting through, she says she won't let her son near it. The health department says they are aware of the issues with the balcony and gave the the complex 30 days to fix it.

RTV6 obtained a list of current housing violations at the apartment complex.

The list includes things like mold, damaged floors and sewage issues.

There is also a pending court case against the apartment complex.

RTV6 has reached out to the corporate office for the apartment complex and is awaiting a response.