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Woman says crumbling street is a danger on east side

Posted at 5:54 PM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-24 18:39:24-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A woman who lives on the east side said the road is in such bad shape outside her house that it is becoming a danger to the neighborhood.

Woods Crossing Drive has disintegrated into a combination of crumbling concrete and dirt. Pieces of the road sit unattached and Wanda Davis said she basically has to rebuild it each day.

"To me, it is not very safe for any of us. It started out pretty small, and that's when we tried to get them to fix it, but then it kept getting bigger and bigger and wider and wider," Davis said. "It is like a jigsaw puzzle. Every time, we have to put it back together whenever we pull in and out. Every time you drive over it, it busts apart and you can see the pieces."

Davis said she has seen kids' bikes get stuck in it, and she wants to see the street fixed before someone gets hurt.

"It's frustrating when you walk out here, trip over this," she said.

Davis keeps detailed notes of her attempts to contact the city. She said they have been out before, but prior repairs didn't last long.

"They never really fix it," she said. "They just smooth it over."

When RTV6 searched her case number with the Mayor's Action Center, it was listed as complete. A spokesperson said cases are marked as complete or incomplete by the department handling them.

In this case, the Department of Public Works said the case was marked as complete because it has been assigned to a crew. About an hour after we left, Davis said they were out marking the area where work will be done.

A DPW spokesperson said the area has been marked by team members and repair work is scheduled to begin Monday, weather permitting.

"I've been been dealing with this for over three years," Davis said. "I'd like to get it fixed and fixed right," Davis said.

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