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Woman turns to small claims court over issues that started at Indy apartment complex

Posted at 2:23 PM, Oct 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-08 14:29:16-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Over the summer, WRTV talked to Dawnell Vanover and her family about their living situation in Arborwood at Mann Road Apartments.

Vanover says she was experiencing several health issues that included breathing problems, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches and cramps which she believed were linked to the mold she says was growing in her apartment, being spread by the ventilation system.

A doctor Vanover saw for treatment came to the same conclusion. She received a note from him, urging the apartment complex to remedy the mold issue.

"We tried for months to get them to do something, but there was always an excuse or reason why they couldn't," Vanover said. "We moved out and they never finished anything they were supposed to finish."

Note from pulmonologist
A note from a doctor who treated Dawnell Vanover

Since moving out, Vanover said her health problems have gotten exponentially better.

"They're gone. I can sleep so much better. I don't have any breathing problems," Vanover said.

Even after moving out, Vanover said fees were added to her account. She tried, unsuccessfully, to get someone to explain what's going on.

She is hopeful those charges will be removed from her account. However, there is still the issue of medical bills. Bills Vanover said she took on to try and figure out her health issues.

She wants Kittle Property Group to take care of those. To try and get a guarantee they will, she's turning to the court system.

"I went to small claims to file for medical bills," Vanover said. "I've had to pay the medical bills myself because they're really high. A couple of them went to collections because the office had promised me that they'd compensate me. I waited and waited and then, they came back and said we're not compensating you for anything."

As of now, a hearing is set for November fourth. Vanover is hopeful a judge will rule in her favor.

"I wouldn't have these medical bills if you would have done what you were supposed to do, fixing things in the apartment that never got fixed," Vanover said.

We reached out to Kittle Property Group to ask them about the small claims case Vanover filed against them. They have not gotten back to us yet.

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