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Working For You: Crosswalk repainted for IHA residents

Posted at 8:30 PM, Nov 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-11 20:30:22-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A faded crosswalk, speeding drivers and heavy traffic had several residents at two IHA downtown properties scared to cross a downtown street.

WRTV's Rachael Wilkerson is working for you and took those concerns to the city.

The city stepped in and the crosswalk was repainted.

"I am ecstatic. That was one of the things we definitely needed in this area right here," said Eric Hibbler Sr. "Thank you very much. We appreciate it."

Crossing the street hasn't been easy for several residents at Barton Towers and Barton Annex.

"It's just mind boggling to know when we reach this stop point right here, that we are in a big danger zone," said Torrence Johnson.

The Indianapolis Housing Agency says most of the residents living in the two public housing complexes are elderly.

"I fear that I might get hit some day soon, ya know. They won't stop and I have to cross, you know, so it really is unsafe," said Johnson.

Two weeks ago, WRTV captured residents like Torrence Johnson in power chairs struggling to get across the faded crosswalk.

"How unsafe do you feel?" asked WRTV.

"I feel very unsafe because I am in this scooter and I have to wait sometimes to cross the street," said Johnson.

"You can't tell it's a crosswalk. First of all, that's a big issue," said Property Manager Shelotta Bright. "I am walking across the street going from one property to the next and the dump truck stopped for me to walk across the street and the car behind him was really quite impatient and went around him [and] sped up. I am so glad I wasn't on my phone or anything because she would have hit me. She would have ran me down in the middle of the street."

There are pedestrian signs and flashing lights which are meant to signal the pedestrian right of way, but drivers don't always yield.

Residents are hoping the improved crosswalk will make a major difference.

"There is a major problem; they are ignoring the sign so hopefully by the paint job we just received, things will start looking up." said Hibbler.

If you would like to make a complaint regarding a crosswalk you can call the Mayor's Action Center at 317-327-4622 or visit RequestIndy.