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Youth, Marion County Prosecutor's Office talk about solutions to end gun violence in Indianapolis

Posted at 11:29 PM, Oct 21, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — Gun violence in Indianapolis is an ongoing problem several community leaders and organizations are trying to solve.

On Monday, former Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry and the prosecutor's office held an event to talk about with youth about things like violence and Indiana's red flag law.

Young people, like Nia Wilson, attended the Youth Fellows program were they were able to talk about things like gun violence.

"I've had a couple close friends in surrounding school areas who have either been shot or involved in part of a shooting," Wilson said.

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears says his office gets help from Indiana's red flag law, which allows for officers to take a gun away from someone who could hurt themselves or others. They don't need a warrant to take a gun away from someone under the red flag law.

While some changes were made to the law this summer, Mears says more changes are needed. Currently, a police officer could take a gun away from someone, but they could buy another gun.

"There needs to be more follow up where we as prosecutors have the ability to make sure the person does not have the ability purchase firearms down the road," Mears said.

Some lawmakers who opposed changing the law say they don't want to infringe on people's rights.

Mears is encouraging anyone who wants these loopholes to be fixed to reach out to your legislative representatives.