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Community effort provides food delivery service for Hoosiers in need

Food from Gleaners delivered to homebound
Posted at 8:22 PM, Jan 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-05 20:24:19-05

INDIANAPOLIS — INDIANAPOLIS — As the pandemic continues, cases rise, and families Struggle to stay employed. There's a community effort in place that is bringing food right to Hoosiers’ doorsteps if they can't make it out.

“Since we implemented this program, we have Had about 37,000 phone calls and we have served about 28,000 households,” said Rachel Moehle.

Gleaners Food Bank runs an emergency home delivery program. It started during the lockdown last year and has kept gaining momentum as more families find out about it.

“It’s really for people who are immunocompromised, quarantined or they have Covid-19,” said Moehle.

It's for pregnant women, senior citizens or those who can't use the drive-thru option at Gleaners Food Bank. “Just because you're stuck at home doesn't mean there's isn't a need for food,” said Moehle.

Gleaners puts together the delivery boxes but it’s a community effort between Indy Hunger Network who fields the calls and Second Helpings who provides the pre-packages. Nine 13 Sports delivers the food.

“Every morning Nine 13 sports uses their resources to get the food boxes to families,” Tom Hanley. "Every day our team rolls out with four vans. We deliver food to 200-250 homes in Marion County."

Before many schools started doing remote learning, Nine 13 Sports went into schools to use bicycles as an educational tool such as teaching students how to build bikes. During the pandemic they've found a new purpose.

“We work here because we want to make Indianapolis better and even though food has nothing to do anything with bikes. We wake up every morning thrilled to be able to help,” said Hanley. While helping Hoosiers they are also able to keep their workers employed.

“We repurposed vehicles and we were able to start delivering food alongside Gleaners,” said Hanley.

Marion County residents are encouraged to call 317-742-9111 if they are in need of the delivery service.

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