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New Direction Church helps Hoosiers pay off medical debt during pandemic

Posted at 7:11 AM, Nov 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-30 07:11:28-05

INDIANAPOLIS — For months, New Direction Church has met virtually because of the pandemic, but that isn't stopping them from lending a real hand to Hoosiers in need.

“We really believe in reaching out beyond the walls of the church, so during this time we want people to know though the building is not open, but the body is still operating,” Pastor Kenneth Sullivan Jr. said. “We have been able to successfully pay off medical debt for over 2,000 Hoosiers in the Indianapolis area, and to date we have paid more than $3 million of debt off."

Last year the church gave $1 million to the cause of helping those swimming in medical debt.

“We want to make sure we come alongside people during this time and pay off their debt,” said Pastor Sullivan.

This year they are doubling efforts to pay off $2 million more in medical debt because the extra help is needed more than ever.

“We partner with (RIP Medical Debt) and they are able to purchase debt and pay it down, and with us making an investment they are able to do so much more,” said Sullivan Jr.

Their reach goes far beyond just a few areas in the city. The church will help people in 15 different zip codes in the Indianapolis area.

Pastor Sullivan said this is just one way his church is able to play the part in helping people pull through the pandemic.

“We know depression is on the rise suicide, despair so when people are surprised. By grace by goodness, we are lifting an extra burden off of people we love to know we are helping so many different families,” Sullivan Jr. said

The pastor announced the initiative on Thursday for Thanksgiving to kick off efforts going into the holiday season. Those who receive the gift of having their debt covered by the church won't know the church is responsible.

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