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Families file lawsuits against Indianapolis pool business

Turnkey Design and Build LLC was dissolved on February 16, 2024
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WRTV Investigates Kara Kenney at the door
Posted at 2:53 PM, Jul 08, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis pool contractor is facing mounting lawsuits accusing the business of taking customers’ money and not finishing the job.

Wynter and Mike Ackermann live on the northside of Indianapolis in Glenview Estates.

They had planned to be swimming in their backyard this summer.

“We have a six- and eight-year-old they love to get in the pool and have their friends over,” said Wynter Ackermann.


Their backyard is a giant patch of dirt and grass and the only sign of water is the sprinkler.

“It’s not fun,” said Wynter. “It is sad.”

The Ackermanns say they paid $112,000 for a pool they never received, and they contacted WRTV Investigates.

“It’s not right,” said Wynter.

This all started when their old pool started leaking and they needed a new one.

“I saw an ad on Facebook for Premier Pools and Spas,” said Wynter.

In March 2023, the Ackermanns signed a contract with Turnkey Design and Build LLC, doing business as Premier Pools and Spas.

Jordan VanWye is listed as a member and registered agent for Turnkey Design and Build LLC of Indianapolis.

Jordan VanWye

“He did not completely demo the pool and he never came back,” said Wynter.

Wynter said she tried for months to get VanWye to finish the pool.

“There was always an excuse as to why he couldn’t come,” said Wynter.

Fast forward a year, the Ackermanns filed a lawsuit on April 23, 2024 against Turnkey Design and Build LLC, Jordan VanWye and Premier Franchise Management.

The lawsuit alleges Premier Franchise Management was the national franchisor that authorized Turnkey Design and Build to contract with Indiana customers.

“The contract provided that construction work would commence on or about May 1, 2023 and was to be completed by June 1, 2023,” read the lawsuit. “The pool was never completed.”

The lawsuit also alleges Premier Franchise Management was deceptive when it allowed Turnkey Design and Build LLC or VanWye to use the Premier Pools and Spas brand name and logo.

“I did a lot of digging and found we aren’t the only ones (VanWye) has done this to,” said Ackermann.


WRTV Investigates found a total of nine lawsuits related to Turnkey Design and Build and VanWye’s pool business.

Most of the lawsuits are still pending, including Zachary Samson of Carmel’s lawsuit against Turnkey Design and Build LLC doing business as Premier Pools and Spas.

Zachary Samson of Carmel speaks with WRTV Investigates

“Over here, the primary is the big cracks at the corners that have expanded since they started,” Samson explained to WRTV Investigates Kara Kenney. “They started as little hairline cracks and as you can see they are getting a little bit larger and larger.”

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The lawsuit alleges the contractor “negligently and carelessly”:

  • Poured the concrete for the pool and spa deck
  • Graded the yard around the pool
  • Installed the electrical wiring

 "You're supposed to protect the wires from damage and the elements,” said Samson.

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On a hot summer day, it’s tempting to jump into their pool, but his family won’t, and Samson said it’s for a good reason.

“We were all as a family in the spa and we started experiencing some slight tingling and some shocks,” said Samson.

A spokesperson for the City of Carmel told WRTV Investigates the pool failed its inspection on March 8, 2023 for “bonding and grounding,” which are techniques meant to prevent electrocution.

"I think the worst part is when the kids are asking questions like can I go in the pool?” said Samson. “I have to keep being like ‘no it's not safe for us to be in it.’"

Samson’s lawsuit alleges Turnkey Design and Build LLC was negligent.

“I don’t get any joy out of it, so it’s just like looking at a pond,” said Samson.

In a response filed in court, Turnkey Design and Build LLC denied wrongdoing.

WRTV Investigates went to the Clearvista Place address listed on customer contracts, but there’s no longer a pool business there.

WRTV Investigates Kara Kenney at the door
WRTV Investigates Kara Kenney at the door

A current tenant said the pool business moved out in late 2023.

State records show Turnkey Design and Build LLC was dissolved on February 16, 2024.

WRTV Investigates emailed Jordan VanWye about the lawsuits, including the Samsons and Ackermanns.

"This company was ruined by sub contractors and insurance is also handling the issues at hand,” said VanWye in an email to WRTV. “Please direct any communication to my attorney.
WRTV Investigates reached out to VanWye’s attorney, Marcia Przeslawski.

“On behalf of Mr. VanWye and Turnkey Design and Build LLC, their response is, no comment,” said Przeslawski in an email to WRTV.

WRTV Investigates also reached out to Premier Franchise Management and their attorney declined to comment.

In a response to the court, Premier Franchise Management denied it was a party to the Samson’s pool contract.

Of the nine lawsuits WRTV Investigates found, one was settled and another was dismissed.

On May 21, a judge awarded a $51,346 judgment to a pool cover company that sued Turnkey Design and Build LLC.

Both the Ackermanns and the Samsons hope their lawsuits are also successful.


“It’s unfortunate and it makes us sad,” said Samson. “We did this for our kids, we did this for our home and we don’t get to enjoy it.”

It’s unclear if Jordan VanWye is still doing pool work.

WRTV Investigates found several new LLCs connected to Jordan VanWye’s name including Aqua Splash, Outdoor Paradise and Pool Scouts of North Indianapolis.