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Fishers homeowners vote down special assessment that would have nearly doubled monthly dues

Conner Creek HOA looked at taking out $3.5 million loan
Maria Alexander and Ginger Kissinger are concerned about their HOA, Conner Creek, increasing monthly dues to pay for capital projects.
Posted at 10:36 AM, Apr 26, 2021

FISHERS — People who live in a Fishers neighborhood have voted down a special assessment that would have nearly doubled their monthly dues.

It’s an update to a story WRTV Investigates first brought you on April 14 regarding Conner Creek, a homeowner’s association (HOA) and planned unit development (PUD), near 116th and Allisonville Road.

Homeowners voted 76-49 against a special assessment, according to an email sent to homeowners on April 21.

“The special assessment does not pass,” read the email. “Thank you for your participation. Further notification will be sent on how to proceed from here.”

The Conner Creek HOA was looking to increase monthly dues by an additional $200 per month.

Conner Creek HOA recently did a capital reserve study which found over the next 30 years the neighborhood will have to address $5.1 million of projects, mostly for siding and stone chimney replacement.

“Of the total, $3.5 million dollars is for siding and stone chimney replacement that has long been deferred and must be addressed now, or conditions will only worsen,” read the January newsletter. “At about the ten-year mark, roofs will have to be replaced at the anticipated cost just under two million dollars. The board believes through your current dues we can generate the reserves for the roof replacement by properly funding the capital reserves annually.”

Homeowners Maria Alexander and Ginger Kissinger fought against the special assessment and gathered more than 90 signatures opposing it.

“I am very glad for the outcome of no assessment and thankful to all the people that previously signed no to it for voting on time and mailing their votes,” Alexander said. “I'm extremely satisfied that our signature collection was a clear indication of disapproval for the special assessment by the majority of homeowners.”

It’s not yet clear how the community will pay for needed repairs and future capital projects.

Ginger Kissinger has lived in Conner Creek for eight years.

Kissinger currently pays $297 a month in dues, money that goes to the HOA to maintain the common areas and the exteriors of their condos.

If the effort had passed, Kissinger would have paid close to $500 a month in HOA dues.

Conner Creek only has $140,000 for capital reserve projects.

Homeowners said the HOA wanted to take out a loan for $3.5 million.

"I had no idea they could pop this on us,” Kissinger said. “$3.5 million? It just blew my mind!"

WRTV Investigates reached out to the board for an on-camera interview, and we received an email in response.

“The Conner Creek Board of Directors does not wish to meet with you to discuss this matter,” read the email. “We have an obligation to communicate with the homeowners and not the general population."

Homeowners acknowledged some repairs are needed, but they’re urging the HOA to consider a more gradual approach to the projects to lessen the financial burden to current homeowners.

“We need to phase it A, B, C, D and put the worst ones first,” Kissinger said.