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Facebook privacy hoax going around again

Posted at 7:23 AM, Sep 29, 2015

A Facebook hoax regarding privacy and copyright is making the rounds again.

As hoaxes go, this one is relatively benign. It's not asking you for money, it's just has you post a status update saying you do not give Facebook permission to use your photos or postings.

Debunking website says this is completely false

Citing techtalk, the Snopes posting says that Facebook members own their intellectual property, but according to Facebook's terms of service that you agree to when signing up, you are giving them permission to use what you post, so long as the posting is public.

Snopes also says any posting saying you do not agree to this does not negate the terms of service you agreed to when you opened your account.

The last time this particular hoax made the rounds was in January.