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Oscar Mayer Is Renting Out The Wienermobile On Airbnb

Oscar Mayer Is Renting Out The Wienermobile On Airbnb
Posted at 2:43 PM, Jul 18, 2019

If you’ve always wished to be an Oscar Mayer wiener as the product’s jingle suggests, now’s your chance. While you may not be able to transform yourself into the lovable hot dog, you can live the ultimate Oscar Mayer fan life thanks to the fact that the company is renting out the famous Wienermobile on Airbnb.

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, which was July 17, Oscar Mayer is giving hot dog lovers the chance to stay for one night in the Wienermobile, which has been decked out with the very best in hot dog-inspired accommodations. This is the first time anyone has been given the option to spend a night inside of the hot dog-shaped motor vehicle, so it certainly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

According to a press release, the stay is brought to you by AlexanDog and Jake N’ Bacon, who were employed as “Hotdoggers” tasked with driving the Wienermobile. And after driving the 27-foot-long Weinermobile around the country, they want to give other fans a chance to experience the hot dog magic.

The Wienermobile will be stationed in Chicago, in the Fulton Market area. A stay (with overnights available Aug. 1–3) will coincide with the Lollapalooza music festival.

Courtesy Oscar Mayer

Beginning on July 24, fans were able to try for a chance to be one of the lucky people who get to stay in the Wienermobile. According to the Airbnb listing, they had to act quickly to book a stay because only three people would win.

“Reservation opportunities will roll out throughout the day on July 24, so hot dog lovers need to keep their eyes on the listing for the chance to submit their request to stay on their desired date,” the listing reads.

There are three nights available: Aug. 1, 2 and 3 for Oscar Mayer fans. The Weinermobile can accommodate up to two people for one night only.

And indeed, as of now the Wienermobile doesn’t have any dates available.

What can you expect from a stay aboard The Wienermobile? For one, there’s a lovely outdoor setup, perfect for watching the sunset as you eat your hot dog dinner under the stars:

Courtesy Oscar Mayer

The sleeping arrangements are just as soft and plush as a hot dog bun. We love the view from those windows that surround the bed!

Courtesy Oscar Mayer

There’s entertainment, naturally. The listing says that the space comes with a mini-fridge stocked with Oscar Mayer hot dogs and the essentials necessary to create Chicago-style hot dogs (that means, for those of you who aren’t versed in the joys of being “dragged through the garden,” poppy seed buns, mustard, white onions, neon-green relish, a dill pickle, tomato wedges, sport peppers, and celery salt). Guests can also enjoy art from local artist Laura Kiro and take home an Oscar Mayer roller grill along with a welcome kit with hot dog-inspired accessories:

Airbnb | AlexanDog + Jake N' Bacon

Along with all the amenities, there are plenty of hot dog accents to help you celebrate your love of the food. Check out that cool pillow and the hot dog mug, plus decor that matches the vehicle’s paint job:

Courtesy Oscar Mayer

And, of course, true Oscar Mayer fans wouldn’t want it any other way!

Did you know that the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has been around since 1936? At any given time, there are six of them traveling the country.

The very first one was created by Oscar Mayer’s (yes, he was a real person) nephew, Carl G. Mayer. Drivers of this distinctive vehicles are called Hotdoggers. The Hotdoggers program, allowing recent college graduates to drive Wienermobiles around the country, started in 1988.

This isn’t the first time that regular people have been allowed to hang out in the Wienermobile. In 2014, Oscar Mayer ran a contest in which lucky winners would get to ride around the Wienermobile for a day. A Hotdogger still drove the 27-foot vehicle, but the winners would get chauffered around. Here’s the Instagram video announcing the contest:

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Introducing the 2014 Wienermobile #Tweet2Lease

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The Wienermobile is actually getting more publicity than ever in the social media age. You can, for example, follow Oscar Mayer’s Instagram account to find out where it is right now. Here’s a recent image taken in front of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, which also happens to be one of the very few buildings left from Chicago’s Columbian Exposition in 1893.

“I don’t think we’ve been leveraging them enough,” said Tom Bick, Oscar Mayer’s senior director for advertising, in AdAge in 2014. “So we’ve been trying to bring them into the fold a little bit more in our advertising in our everyday marketing and advertising efforts. These are such strong, iconic images for us. They are the equivalent of our [Budweiser] Clydesdales.”

Be ready to book for a truly unique Airbnb stay!

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