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Pillsbury’s Strawberry And Cream Cinnamon Rolls Are Back Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Posted at 10:10 AM, Jan 14, 2020

Chocolates are a traditional Valentine’s Day treat, but if the romantic holiday is one of your favorites, why not start the celebration first thing in the morning, with breakfast?

While you could make heart-shaped pancakes to begin enjoying the day when you wake up, Pillsbury is making Valentine’s Day morning easier with the return of their Grands! Cinnamon Rolls with Strawberry & Cream Flavored Icing.

The Cinnabon cinnamon rolls themselves are the same rolls as usual, but the icing is strawberry-and-cream flavored and, of course, it’s pink.


One container of the cinnamon rolls comes with five big rolls and costs around $3.78 at Walmart. And they’re not just in stores for Valentine’s Day — Pillsbury says these are a permanent addition to their offerings in the refrigerated section of the store. But they are perfect for this holiday.

Just pick up a carton of fresh strawberries while you’re at the store, put them on the side of your strawberry-iced Grands and you’ll have a lovely Valentine’s Day breakfast at home that’s quick, even for a weekday.

Instagrammer @snackgator found them at Walmart on Jan. 9, saying they tried them when they were around last year and loved them, writing, “They have a light strawberry flavor that doesn’t overtake the cinnamon…just the perfect balance.”

But if you’re loving the sound of strawberry in your cinnamon rolls and feeling ambitious, you might want to try baking your own. The Recipe Critic posted a video of how to put together her recipe for strawberry cinnamon rolls that calls for strawberry pie filling — so these are going to pack a much bigger fruit punch:

Want something you can make ahead of time? This red velvet quick bread recipe is the perfect pink (it’s more pink than red, but you can color it to your liking) treat to have on hand for breakfast the week of Valentine’s Day.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?

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