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The Supreme Court will issue the last decisions of its term on Monday

The court has yet to give a decision on the question of former President Donald Trump's claim of immunity from federal charges.
Posted at 10:48 PM, Jun 28, 2024

The last day of the Supreme Court's scheduled term is Monday.

The court still has to consider two cases brought over social media regulation. Its decision could affect laws in Florida and Texas that govern how social platforms like Meta and TikTok are allowed to regulate user content. Those laws initially stemmed from complaints that social platforms were censoring content and viewpoints from the political right. They were enacted in both states by Republican-controlled legislatures.

And perhaps the most significant case remaining before the court is the question of former President Donald Trump's claim of immunity from federal charges.

Supreme Court to rule on Trump immunity

While the Supreme Court has ruled before that presidents can't be sued in civil cases for conduct as president, it has never issued a decision on whether a president has immunity from criminal charges.

A ruling on Monday could affect the case against Trump for election interference, which would be heard in Washington, D.C. Its start date was placed on hold indefinitely pending the Supreme Court's decision and may not begin before the November election.

Legal experts have told Scripps News the down-to-the-wire timing of this term is unusual. The high court has entered the final week of June with a heavier case load than in years past. Experts say the gravity of decisions, such as the question of Trump's immunity, contributes to the delays as the justices take time to fine-tune their arguments.

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