The Rebound Indiana: $600 unemployment benefit expires July 31

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Posted at 1:00 AM, Jul 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-21 07:31:04-04

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INDIANAPOLIS — The $600 federal unemployment payment will be paid for the last time next week unless Congress takes immediate action.

That means everyone currently receiving unemployment will only be able to collect the maximum state benefit. In Indiana, that benefit totals $390 a week.

This comes as the latest unemployment rate is 11.2 percent, which translates into thousands of people without work.

Jobs made comebacks in several areas as the state slowly reopens. Some of those industries include hospitality, manufacturing, private education, and health services.

"The loss of $600 is going to be a shock to the way people budget and the way that they make this tradeoff between the choices that they've made during the pandemic and the work opportunities that are available to them," Josh Richardson, with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, said. "So in that regard I would just continue to encourage people to use the other resources we have. The Department of Workforce Development also has resources to help connect people with training and help connect them with jobs."

Work One offices can help people with jobs and training information. They can't and don't have any information about unemployment benefits.