The Rebound Indiana: Coping with anxiety and depression during a pandemic

Posted at 10:35 PM, May 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-13 22:35:12-04

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INDIANAPOLIS — The COVID-19 pandemic is causing many people to suffer from anxiety and depression. A local group is taking time to remind people to take time for themselves and their mental, spiritual and physical health.

"Do not allow the outer world to impact your inner peace," Osadeba Omokaro said. "In order to do that you have to build yourself up internally — mentally, spirtually, and physically."

Building yourself up is essential right now as many Hoosiers are rebounding from the impact of COVID-19.

"In every possible way you have to build up yourself, understand your centers, your triggers and your emotions," Omokaro said.

Omokaro is the co-founder of Dead the Silence, a non-profit that has sparked a movement spreading across the nation.

"Started off with what you see here which are these t-shirts," Omokaro said. "We kind of developed over time and evolved into what is Dead the Silence now."

It's a loud message born out of despair. His founding partner, Anthony Duncan, lost his sister to suicide. She silently battled anxiety and depression before cutting her life short.

The group has created a May mental health challenge. In observance of mental health awareness month they want to change outlooks and they are using social media to help.

Each day during the month of May there's a different task — from taking five minute to meditate, writing down affirmations to setting goals or participating in the latest dance craze.

There's also nothing wrong with relaxing and giving yourself time to unplug.

"Sometimes you have to take time and rest and sharpen the saw which is your mind or your spirit," Omokaro said.