Couple postpones wedding due to COVID-19

Posted at 7:43 PM, May 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-02 22:18:40-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The COVID-19 pandemic has forced some people to reschedule their wedding days. But as some businesses begin to start reopening, we're expecting to see a boom in some industries, like the wedding business.

April 25 was supposed to be the big day for Renee Fleener and Brandon Duckworth.

"We have been engaged for almost a year and a half we've been spending this time planning and getting everything together, then COVID-19 happened," Fleener said.

The pandemic brought planning for their wedding to a halt and derailed everything.

"They started saying 'Well can you bump your list down to under 50,' then everything started closing," Duckworth said. "Even to get the rings, Helzberg Diamson closed and the tux shop."

"We had 100, then they wanted us to reduce it and the guest list just kept getting smaller and smaller," Fleener said.

These two say there were multiple reason their original wedding date wouldn't work with the restrictions that were put into place.

"We actually decided to postpone," Fleener said. "We were about a month out so we only had a month left. We had to go ahead and reschedule."

Duckworth says it is a good thing they did because dates were already getting filled up.

The couple is spending more time to plan and have the wedding of their dreams.

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