'I need help now and I deserve it': Hoosier woman unemployed after three-decade career

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Posted at 2:17 PM, Mar 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-09 14:17:36-05

MARION — Vicki Stevens worked in the healthcare field for more than 30 years.

The 61-year-old was laid off after her FMLA ran out while caring for her mother who is on hospice. She's filled out applications for tons of jobs but hasn't had much luck.

“I’ve never received any assistance, any kind of help ever. Paid taxes for 45 years, paid into unemployment, and now I have nothing. I mean I have not had a penny,” said Stevens.

Stevens lost her job last summer and since then she's tried to get help in some form, but she's been denied unemployment and pandemic unemployment assistance.

“I know of other people that have got their stuff, their money, and I did have a hearing for the pandemic money, but I was denied because my being let go from the hospital wasn't a direct effect from the Covid-19,” said Stevens.

She's filed an appeal on the assistance decision and plans to keep trying to get approval for funds, but at this point, she doesn't know where to turn because she has bills that are piling up. So she turned to WRTV to share her story.

"I need some answers, I mean, I’ve lived the right way and tried to do the right thing. I’ve got cheated people, or the government, I pay my taxes. And I feel like I need help now and I deserve it."