Governor Holcomb orders extra patrols at bus stops

Posted at 8:01 AM, Aug 10, 2020
and last updated 2021-10-01 10:55:37-04

MT. VERNON — Although things are looking different this year for schools, one thing remains the same, the health and safety of all children are top of mind.

As students board the bus this school year, there are two big safety concerns, protecting them from COVID-19 and protecting them from drivers who aren't paying attention.

"We are taking every possible precaution we can imagine," said Dr. Jack Parker.

When it comes to protecting kids from COVID-19, that is message doctor jack parker wants Mt. Vernon parents to know.

No doubt school will look different this year and so will the busses.

"We are assigning seats every kid will have the exact same seat only two per seat maximum we are also cleaning our buses sanitizing them after every route so that they're freshly sterilized before kids come on to the bus," said Parker.

Students and drivers will also be required to wear masks while on the bus.

The other safety concern they have is drivers violating the stop arm.

"last year we had 32 violations," said Derek Shelton, director of operations.

He told me last year they installed cameras on every bus.

"We can get a picture of the driver and their face so we can also get a picture of their license plate in their car type," said Shelton.

On top of that, earlier this month, Governor Eric Holcomb announced law enforcement agencies across the state would be out in full force looking for stop-arm violations as students get on and off the bus.

In a press release, Governor Holcomb said, "we're sending a clear message that driving with anything less than your full attention is unacceptable."

"if it's going to cost you an extra minute… just take your time so we can we can save a life," said Shelton.

This year the governor also made it a law that holding a cellphone while driving is illegal, just another added precaution to protect the children.