Indianapolis Public Library has resources to help parents and teachers with e-learning

Posted at 7:47 AM, Jul 27, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — School is soon to be back in session, and for some Hoosier kids, they’ll be going to class online. The Indianapolis Public Library has resources that can help you navigate the online classroom.

They have resources like free books and tons of online materials for students, teachers, and parents that can help to keep everyone engaged in learning.

All of the Indianapolis Public Libraries are open right now, of course, with safety precautions in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.

“The library buildings are very safe People in our buildings we have aggressive cleaning we actually quarantine any materials returned to the library for 72 hours to make sure that there is no transmission of any virus coming out of our place,” said CEO Jackie Nytes.

For families that don’t have internet access, you can use theirs free of charge. Still, if you aren’t ready to venture out into public, the library has hundreds of resources like Ebooks, audiobooks, and videos to stream or download.

The good news is most kids who go to school in Marion county already have library cards to the Indianapolis public library.

“We work really hard to make sure our school children have library cards we’ve been going school district by the school district and have issued thousands of library cards,” said CEO Jackie Nytes

The library also has a blog where you can get ideas on books, experiments, games, and links to help kids with their homework.

Some of the resources do require a library card you can get one for free here.