Local tutoring company talks about how to survive e-learning for students and parents

Posted at 11:55 AM, Aug 05, 2020

MARION CO. — For the first time in five months, some Marion County students will physically go to school Wednesday. And all students are preparing for remote learning, either every day or three days out of the week.

Remote learning can be a huge change for many families. A local tutor offered tips and assistance to RTV6 on how to thrive in this new normal.

"The biggest thing that I've heard from parents is that, 'I'm not the teacher;' 'My child can't learn from me;' or, 'I didn't learn that, or this way, so how am I supposed to digest it and give it back to my child?'" Makailya Rice, the owner of "Elite Tutoring," said.

Rice has taught every age group from K through 12th grade, and even college classes. She knows from experience that a computer at home can't replace a teacher in the classroom. That's why this teacher, turned tutor, is running her own business aimed at helping families surviving e-learning.

"At Elite, we can do everything for the scholar and the parent, and when I say everything, I literally mean, come in the home, or in your space, make the space adequate for learning and conducive for learning," Rice said.

When it comes to school at home, Rice says the key to success is making sure home feels like school.

"If the space is not conducive to learning, I can't learn. So that means if it's noisy, I can't learn. If it's too cold, I can't learn," Rice said.

Rice says the computer itself won't be anything new to most students, as many of them already do a lot of their school work on a computer. She stresses it is the environment that makes a difference. Especially for younger students, she encourages parents to think about the messages and tools on the wall of a classroom and put those on display at home.

Whether the learning takes place in a classroom or at the kitchen table, Rive advises families to keep a routine.

"Get up, put your clothes on. If you wore a uniform, put your uniform on. Brush your teeth, have breakfast, have recess, and most of all breathe," Rice said.

Marion County districts that have decided to offer in-person learning for the beginning of the year will still have students learning remote.

An order from the Marion County Health Department says students in grade 6th through 12th must split their time between physical school and e-learning with only half the student body in school at one time. That will allow for more social distancing both in school and on buses.