Parents push back after Hamilton Southeastern delays in-person learning

Posted at 10:37 AM, Aug 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-24 10:37:41-04

FISHERS — Some Hamilton Southeastern parents are demanding their kids be allowed to return for in-person learning.

The parent concerns are based on the fact that HSE is the only district in Hamilton County that wasn't going to offer some level of in-person instruction, which changed Friday when the board updated their plan.

Now, elementary students will come back to school using the hybrid model, while 5th through 12th will remain completely virtual.

There was a parent protest planned for Monday morning that has since been canceled because they fear retaliation. Still, the parents say they are concerned about how teachers will manage the hybrid model as they will have both in-person and virtual learning.

Dr. Allen Bourff, the superintendent of HSE Schools, said this in a video posted to social media:

"Based on observations of other schools that are now in session, we anticipate student absences, and we want our elementary schools to know that whether they are virtual or in person, their teacher is constant, and they can count on that teacher to be there for them."

This hybrid model is set to start at the elementary on Sept. 8 through Oct. 1 with hopes of going back full time after that.

There is another public board meeting scheduled for this Wednesday, Aug. 26. Only 15 seats are available to the public due to social distancing rules, however, all comments submitted will be read and recorded for public record.