Safely Back to School: Why some health and safety features can't be added to school busses

Posted at 6:40 PM, Aug 24, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — Some health and safety features can't be added to school buses because they haven't been approved by officials.

Some school bus drivers were hoping to have health and safety features, like the plexiglass to shield the driver from the passengers, added to their school bus. Some parents have said they would like to see hand sanitizer dispensers on buses.

But these features can't be added because it hasn't been approved by the Department of Education and State School Bus Committee for Transpiration, Master Trooper Jeff Kastenschmidt, of the Indiana State Police, said.

"As right now can't have alcohol sanitizer station because it's not approved. We can still have the kids carry their own," Kastenschmidt said. "The driver can have their own but as far plexiglass they can't have plexiglass because not approved yet for the inspection process."

Indiana State Police troopers inspect school buses every year.

"We check everything from the front to the rear to the vehicle which includes all the lights, mechanical, bumper, all the aisles all the braking systems," Kastenschmidt said.

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