Rebound Indiana: Indianapolis mom waiting for $600 federal unemployment benefit

Posted at 10:52 AM, Apr 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-22 10:52:33-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The process of sending unemployment benefits to Hoosiers who would not typically be eligible has been daunting, and people like Alisha Hiller are waiting.

While waiting to pick up a box of food that was provided by her bosses at Crystal Catering, Hiller said her full-time jobs are making sure her kids are focused on academics and having fun and applying for unemployment benefits. She's been denied twice.

"It's very tough. I'm taking care of three children right now, so I'm making it," Hiller said. "It says I don't have adequate work history. They go back to 2018, and I don't have adequate work history."

Hiller, who has also spent her time sewing face masks for friends and neighbors since she was laid off, is waiting for the federal stimulus funds of $600 a week to kick in for those not covered by regular unemployment benefits.

"That would help with groceries, pay bills, the mortgage, because bills are still due," she said. "I'm just keeping positive about it. Do positive, loving in the home."

Leadership at the Indiana Department of Workforce Development hope to have the system to start processing claims like Hiller's later this week with payments scheduled for the first week in May.