Rebound Indiana: Keeping employees safe when they're back at work

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Posted at 11:02 PM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 23:02:54-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The desks and chairs at the offices of RJE Business Interiors are empty much like thousands of offices across Indiana.

While the space is empty the people who normally work here are busy making other offices compliant with social distancing amid the COVID-19 crisis.

"RJE is looking at that not only from being a very open, a collaborative workplace, as you can see, to how do our meeting spaces work, how do our break rooms work," Shelly Lagona, president of the Indiana market for RJE, said.

Lagona said keeping employees safe while battling a pandemic is the number one topic clients are asking about. RJE is among the businesses offering workspace solutions doing everything from building floor plans to installing office furniture.

"Clients are asking RJE do I need to move? Do I need new furniture," Lagona said. "Is there a wqay I can just break up what I have. Can I add division. Can I have different aisle ways."

Lagona said they can find a solution for any office. Some are as simple as adding dividers to desks. She said the time to start thinking about the new normal in offices, classrooms and even restaurants is now.

"Those procedures, policy changes, product changes that you're going to do, those take time and that implementation process takes time," Lagona said.