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Reddit user seeks to reunite camera with family believed to be in Indiana

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Posted at 12:46 PM, Feb 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-18 18:56:31-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A reddit user is trying to reunite a used camera bought in San Diego to the family in the photos he believes were taken in Indiana.

The reddit user posted a thread on Reddit asking for help.

He says that he bought the camera for $1 at a swap meet in San Diego, one that he says was "sketchy."

When he put batteries in the camera, he found almost 400 pictures stored on the camera.

the camera and memory card.jpg

The reddit user told WRTV about the importance of finding the previous camera owner.

"Something like this, particularly with the pictures, is not worth $1," he said. "There’s no price that you can pay."

He says the camera had several family photos of what he believes to be three generations of women, a grandmother, mother and granddaughter.

mom and child.JPG

"The card is loaded with pictures, but particularly of a child that I think Mom would want back," he said.

Other photos included vacation photos, photos from a renaissance fair and a framed photo that reads 'Senior Prom 2011.'

senior prom 2011.JPG

Another framed photo reads "Vincennes University" which leads to the speculation of someone attending the university located in Indiana.


The reddit user says that there are photos from 2011 through 2013 and dates of what appears to be a baby shower on Dec. 2nd, 2012.

"Those images are not mine, they belong to somebody," he said.

They also speculate that the camera owner could be in the business of event decorating based on the many photos of table decorations, tier cupcake stands and candy arrangements.


A connection to Indiana is seen in photos of a woman posing in front of Lucas Oil Stadium wearing an Indianapolis Colts hoodie and another of a group of women at the stadium.

lucas oil.JPG

Another indicator was a photo taken of a baby sitting in front of a sign that reads "Indiana."


"There’s baby bumps on a number of these young ladies in the pictures. That’s priceless," the reddit user told WRTV. "I don’t want this. And it certainly shouldn’t be in a swap meet."

The reddit user will continue in his quest to reunite the camera to this family with the help of WRTV.

If you recognize any of these photos or have information on who the camera could belong to please contact WRTV at