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You Can Travel Through The Canadian Rockies In A Glass-domed Train

You Can Travel Through The Canadian Rockies In A Glass-domed Train
Posted at 7:43 AM, Aug 23, 2019

You don’t have to be outside to enjoy a full view of Canada’s amazing mountain ranges.

Instead, why not take a train trip? It can be a great way to see the countryside while getting from place to place.

Sitting in luxury seats, riders aboard Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Service trains sit under a glass dome to get breathtaking views. The service includes gourmet meals, wine and cheese, snacks and complimentary beverages, including alcohol.

The glass-dome train even has an outdoor viewing platform so you can take in the fresh Canadian air. The ride winds through pine trees and canyons. Amazing!

Rocky Mountaineer

Hungry guests on the GoldLeaf are invited to dine on the lower level in a five-star restaurant with meals made by the service’s executive chefs.

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf trains travel a number of popular routes. There’s a two-day, one-night journey between Vancouver and Lake Louise or Banff and a four-day, three-night trip between Jasper and Vancouver, for example. However, you can extend your trip all the way up to 13 days by enjoying packages that include tours, hikes and other activities.

When planning your trip, consider your destination. Vancouver? Seattle? Banff? This is the kind of scenery you’ll see in Banff National Park:


No matter where you want to go, Rocky Mountaineer offers hotel stays in its packages.

Riding on a GoldLeaf train has become so popular, the company recently added more of the luxury cars to accommodate riders.

Rocky Mountaineer

news release from the company says its fleet added four new rail cars to its 2019 routes, with three additional ones coming in 2020. You can now travel on 26 bi-level GoldLeaf rail cars and 16 SilverLeaf rail cars. SilverLeaf travel is less luxurious; the cars are on a single level, but the windows are oversized and domed as well.

“These new GoldLeaf rail cars will allow us to welcome even more guests on board our trains and offer increased availability across our most popular dates and routes,” Steve Sammut, president and chief executive officer of Rocky Mountaineer, said in the release.

Rocky Mountaineer says the new trains feature dimmable domed windows to moderate the intensity of incoming sunlight. It’s similar to technology used on luxury yachts and business jets.

Rocky Mountaineer

The new trains also have redesigned galley kitchens and custom-designed seats that recline and are heated. They also feature improved suspension to enhance the overall ride quality.

If you’re thinking about taking a Rocky Mountaineer train trip, start saving: the packages start at $1,760 per person.

Two million people have traveled on a Rocky Mountaineer train to see Canada’s spectacular mountains since the company launched in 1990.

More Gorgeous Train Rides

If the Canada Rockies aren’t far enough away from the U.S. for you, check out the Belmond Grand Hibernian train — which is also a luxury trip but travels through the countryside of Ireland! The train cars are modeled after Georgian mansions of Dublin.

It’s beautiful, as you can see in this official Instagram photo from @belmondgrandhibernian.

Another amazing train traveler option is Japan’s Shiki-Shima luxury train. Travelers see mountains and coastal views and can visit ancient shrines and temples.

The Shiki-Shima also allows guests to visit working farms, vineyards and artisanal clothing ateliers along the route.

The train is so nice, some of its suites even have fireplaces and lofts.

East Japan Railway Company

We’re excited to check out the GoldLeaf and some of these other fancy train rides. What a fantastic vacation!

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