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6 (non-baseball) reasons to go to Indians games

Posted at 5:38 AM, Apr 14, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- With the weather warming up, it's officially baseball season ... unless you don't like baseball.

But even if you don't like America's Pastime, there are still reasons for you to go to an Indians game at Victory Field.

Maybe you get invited to a work event and you don't want to be "that person."

Maybe you're in a new relationship and they suggest going to a game for a date, and you don't want to seem pushy this early.

In any case, just because the seats face the field, doesn't mean that's the only reason to go. Here are six reasons to go to a game, that don't include the game.

  • Cheap concessions: About $10 for a hot dog, popcorn and drink? For $10, you can't afford to use the bathroom at a Colts game in Indianapolis (kidding, of course.) If you go on Mondays during the season, a lot of the food is just $1 each.
  • How about a drink? For the 21 and older crowd, consider sitting in the Coors Light Cove, a private area just for those with the tickets. It does cost $38 per ticket, but you get wait service to your seat, craft beer and a $10 voucher for food.
  • The weather: There are few things better than a comfortable afternoon on a mild Indianapolis summer. The breeze is slightly blowing, it's sunny but not blinding -- it just feels fresh outside. What better place to enjoy that than on the lawn of Victory Field?
  • The atmosphere: If you've never been to a baseball game, there's really nothing like it, and no way to describe it. Even if you think you'll hate it, the next thing you know, you're relaxing in the stands with a hot dog in your hands.
  • Ka-boom! On Fridays during the summer, fireworks are shot off immediately after the game for a free show for the fans. No need to wait until July 4 to see the sights.
  • "What did he just do?" Even if you aren't there for the game, your eyes may wander down to the field sometimes, watching some of the entertainment between the innings. Sometimes the mascots will race around the bases and perform some crazy antics to show off for the fans.


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