Coach Frank Reich says punter Rigoberto Sanchez will play Sunday

Misses just two games following cancer surgery
Sanchez to play Sunday
Posted at 3:13 PM, Dec 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-18 15:13:12-05

INDIANAPOLIS — The answer was quick and simple Friday when Indianapolis Colts Coach Frank Reich was asked whether punter Rigoberto Sanchez would handle punts and kickoffs.

"Yes," said Reich.

So, just three-weeks after announcing he was about to have surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, Sanchez will be on the playing field against the Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday. "So we are just happy he has had a good week, got up to speed real quickly and feel confident and excited that he is slated to be back in the lineup," said Reich.

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Earlier in the week, Sanchez told reporters he was hoping to play against Houston. Just one day after playing against Tennessee, he announced the cancer diagnosis on November 30th. and had surgery the next day.

Sanchez wrote he was grateful his doctors found the cancer before it spread throughout his body. He did not specify what sort of cancer it was or whether he faces future treatments.

Sanchez has spent the past four seasons with the Colts.