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Colts linebacker picks up tab at restaurant, continues act of kindness started at Carmel BMV

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Posted at 5:40 PM, Jan 23, 2021

CARMEL — A random act of kindness by a security guard at the BMV in Carmel sparked another random act of kindness by Colts linebacker Darius Leonard.

The security guard handed Leonard cash to pay for his lunch as he was walking out. In a tweet, Leonard said the man didn't know who he was because he had on a mask, hat, and hoodie on.

Later that day, Leonard continued to pay it forward by picking up the tab for everyone at the Eagle Creek Cracker Barrel.

David Mills and Erik Reitz, who are roommates in Brownsburg, were at the restaurant when it happened. They were shocked when the waitress told him Leonard paid for their meal.

Reitz took to Instagram, he said, to show the world what his favorite player did for him and others. Leonard later commented on the post and the Colts reposted it.

"I know they always say that don't meet your heroes, but I was, I was just so happy that I got to be validated and that my hero on the Colts turns out to be an actual hero," Reitz said sporting Leonard's Colts jersey Saturday. "That's great that he cares enough about his community to pay it forward."

"That's really nice to see something like that happening especially after a year like 2020 and a lot of things going on in different aspects of the world and you see something like this and it's just a small gesture and a random act of kindness," Mills said. "Praise God. It's nice to see after a year like 2020."

Mills added the restaurant "lit up" after learning of the act of kindness from the Colts Captain.

“He could’ve been who he is now or just some random John Doe off the street doing it, that room would’ve been just as bright," Mills said.

The roommates went back to the Cracker Barrel on Saturday for lunch and continued the chain of kindness by bought lunch for the couple behind them.

David Mills and Erik Reitz

On Friday, Leonard said he wanted to buy him dinner and bring him to a game. WRTV reached out to the Colts to see if Leonard was able to get in contact with the security guard. We are waiting to hear back.

The Carmel Police Department responded to Leonard's tweets with a photo and wrote Moses is not a officer with their department, but they did meet him and also passed along his information to the Colts organization.