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Peyton Manning's retirement deadline: March 9

Posted at 9:43 AM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 10:31:07-05

Alright Peyton, enjoy your beer now, because you have less than a month to make your decision.

After winning the Super Bowl against the Carolina Panthers, Manning said he was going to take some time with his family and drink a lot of beer before making a decision on whether or not he'll retire. 

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Manning has until March 9 to make his decision, according to CBSSports.

If he's still on the roster on March 9, the Broncos will have to pay him his $19 million salary.

It is a very tough argument to make that Manning would be worth paying $19 million in the 2016 season, given how the 2015 regular season went for him.

Manning threw 17 interceptions against just nine touchdowns this season, and was benched halfway through the season for Brock Osweiler. Not exactly Aaron Rodgers coming in from being a backup.

"In talking about retirement, that's what's hard, you can butt up to that line and then crossing that line, taking that final step, saying 'I am moving on,' that is very -- even if that first 99 percent is easy to get to, that last 1 percent is as hard as that first 99 percent ... That's why he's going to have the time he needs and it's basically going to be up to him," Broncos general manager and former quarterback John Elway said.


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