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Sports Xtra: Colts look to return in-person next month

Posted at 10:40 PM, Jun 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-17 22:40:42-04

INDIANAPOLIS — It hasn't been your usual offseason. No in-person workouts with countless meetings on Zoom.

Heck, no one's even sure if fans will be allowed in when the games start. the only constant for Colts Head Coach Frank Reich has been getting his team used to change.

"If it gets to that point where there'll be no fans — and I don't have any information on that — I got guys going through an exercise where they try to visualize what that looks like," Reich said. "So you get rid of that awkwardness the first time you go in and look around and think, 'Man, this is strange.'"

Here's what we do know — 30-year-old T.Y. Hilton returns for the final year of his current contract.

"I want to be a Colt for life," Hilton said.

Hilton comes off missing six games last season with a calf injury but having a new quarterback in Philip Rivers might add a little spring to his step.

"I think Philip brings a lof of experience, future Hall of Famer, knows the offense really well," Hilton said.

And the Colts think Philip brings in as much leadership as this team has had in years. And get used to him wearing a hat with the words, 'nunc coepi.'

"In its purest form, it means, 'Now I begin,'" Rivers said. "But it's a never-ending beginning. You're always beginning."

Nowhere is that more obvious than beginning with a new team in his 17th year in the NFL. He'll work with some during the summer and can't wait to work with all after that.

"It's those little things that come up," Rivers said. "

"It's not like going out and throwing a comeback or a curl or throwing a shallow — those things are good we need that work — it's more seeing a conversation come up or seeing his body movement going, 'Oh, I felt how we did that at the top of a route.'"

Until then it's all been virtual which can make it a little difficult for center Ryan Kelly.

"You know, we're doing everything we can to get live reps," Kelly said. "If you visualize it enough, it'll come over time to get used to it."

Or even for eighth-year and two-time Pro Bowl tight end, Jack Doyle.

"I love hearing him talk during meetings and the way he talks ball, it's really cool," Doyle said. "And I see it the same way he does, I guess so, feel a little connection there already and we'll just build off of that."

Until then the summer break is on. Training camp at the complex starts in five weeks.

"I think Colts nation should be excited," Reich said. "This roster is a good roster. Good players. Good talent. And equally important to Colts nation, these are good men."

The countdown is on.