Indiana Fever unveil new jerseys for 2021 season, WNBA's 25th anniversary

Posted at 2:34 PM, Apr 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-09 14:49:45-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Fever has unveiled their new jerseys for the 2021 season that help mark the WNBA's 25th Anniversary.

The jerseys come in three different designs — the WNBA Nike Heroine Edition (white), the WNBDA Nike Explorer Edition (navy), and the WNBA Nike Rebel Edition (black and red).

The white and navy jerseys will be the primary options for the Fever as they begin the regular season this summer. The design concepts for both were inspired by the WNBA being the premier women's basketball league in the world, as a way to celebrate 25 years.

The influence for these two Fever jerseys is Lady Victory, who is displayed atop of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis.


“The designs the Fever will wear honor the incredible contributions of Hoosier women leading to empowerment of girls and women across the state," Fever President Dr. Allison Barber stated in a release to WRTV. "The new uniforms display the power, sophistication, and timeless passion our franchise has to improve society and strive for equality."

The third new jersey design, in red and black, is a theme many Netflix fans will recognize.

Fever's Rebel edition jerseys are in the theme of "Stranger Things," a Netflix show set in a fictional Indiana town.


Fans can pre-order the WNBA Nike Explorer Edition and WNBA Nike Rebel Edition jersey at