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Caitlin Clark's ready for new challenges in Indy, hopes to keep inspiring young girls

Posted at 8:47 PM, Apr 17, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-17 21:05:10-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Fever is ready for Caitlin Clark.

On Wednesday, Clark said she couldn't have scripted this any better. She's excited to continue her legacy here in Indianapolis.

"I'm just excited. It's a new chapter, it's new faces," Clark said.

As Clark represents the Indiana Fever, she's hoping to continue to inspire other girls out there while making an impact in the WNBA.

"Making an impact on this community, having a lot of fun interacting with our fans," Clark said. “I hope Fever fans, whether they are now or have been fans, come to find how amazing this organization is.”

She's already doing that for the Lady Blackouts, a junior all-girls basketball team.


Gabby was in the crowd watching as Indy selected Clark as the No. 1 draft pick.

"She's really inspiring. She's my idol and maybe when I grow up, I'll take her number," Gabby said.


Just as excited is Lady Blackout player, Gigi.

"It's really exciting to see how she plays and you learn a lot of moves from her," she said.


The 10-year-old's admire Clark's skills on and off the court.

"I'm really happy. I mean, she's a part of the team now. She's their shooter now," Gabby said.

Gabby basketball

WRTV asked the girls about their love of basketball.

"It's really fun because we all laugh and joke around and then when something happens, we stick around for each other," Gigi said.

Gigi playing basketball

"I hope to be like Caitlin one day," Gabby said.

Clark said her mission is bigger than basketball.

WRTV asked Clark specifically about the Lady Blackouts and the inspiration she wants to give to other girls. Watch her full answer in the player below:

Clark full answer

As far as the first game goes, Clark said she's giving herself grace through the learning curves.

She said she's not going to come out and score 40 points a game. She will rely on her teammates and pass the ball to Aliyah Boston, last year’s first round pick.

RW asking CC

Clark said she just wants to have fun and continue being who she is without putting too much pressure on herself.