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Cooling stations will be in place at IMS on race day

Posted at 12:22 AM, May 25, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — Heat was the big issue on race day last year.

It won't be as hot this year, but heat-related illnesses could still be a problem and Indianapolis Motor Speedway is ready for that.

There are cooling stations with mist-spraying fans for visitors who feel overheated. And, of course, you can get treated at the track hospital for more series ailments.

Medics say if you are drinking alcohol while watching the race, you should also be drinking plenty of water and Gatorade.

"You have to replenish your electrolytes," Katie Medaris, an EMT, said. "Water alone won't do. You need Gatorade and Powerade to replenish the stuff that you're taking out by drinking alcohol."

Last year, temperatures topped 90 degrees on race day. The track hospital treated more than 200 people for heat-related illnesses."