LOOK: Here's how many football stadiums fit inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Posted at 2:50 PM, Sep 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-12 14:54:07-04

SPEEDWAY, Ind. -- Football is back in full swing with two full weeks of college football and a full week of the NFL under our belts, including the largest attended college game in history during the "Battle at Bristol" inside Bristol Motor Speedway Saturday.

The University of Tennessee Volunteers and Virginia Tech Hokies played at the 0.533-mile Tennessee race track, which is better known for the crowds it draws during NASCAR races twice a year. 

The game drew more than 156,000 people, setting the record.

For most, that might seem like a whopping amount, but here in Indianapolis, we know big crowds all too well.

Think back just a few months ago at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway when the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 drew more than an estimated 350,000 people. It's likely even more than that because IMS only provides an estimate of attendance, not an actual figure. 

The record-setting college game got the folks at IMS thinking about what football might look like inside Speedway's 2.5-mile oval, and the result is one that would likely look more like multiple football games at once, rather than just one. 

To demonstrate the sheer size of the speedway, IMS posted the below photo of all 14 Big Ten Conference football stadiums (which include some of the highest-capacity limits in college football) inside the track, with room to spare to park a few cars.

Sure, the Battle at Bristol was impressive, but our racing tradition still reigns supreme when it comes to size, scale and sport. 

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