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1937 Indy 500 sees record heat, close finish

Posted at 6:11 PM, Mar 14, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- While the country remained captivated by the Hindenburg disaster of 1937, it was full speed ahead at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway ahead of the Indianapolis 500's silver anniversary.

For the 25th running of the race, roughly 70,000 people braved temps soaring to 92 degrees - still one of the hottest race days on record - but it didn't stop them from wearing hats and pants.

For the first time on the track, and ironically on such a hot day, the turns were paved with asphalt in a move toward more safety.

Shelbyville's Wilbur Shaw grabbed the lead early in the No. 6 car and held it throughout most of the race, until he and his riding mechanic fought off some late issues with the vehicle.

A roaring Ralph Hepburn kept pace, though, and won his first Indy 500 by just barely over two seconds.


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