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Man kicked out of Detroit Red Wings game for throwing octopus onto ice

Posted at 6:13 PM, Oct 08, 2017

One Detroit Red Wings fan was excited to throw the first octopus onto the ice at the new Little Caesars Arena, but he says it came at a price.

Canadian Nick Horvath said he was thrown out of the game and ticketed. 

Horvath said he was the last to throw an octopus at Joe Louis Arena.

Although he knew PETA was offering toy octopuses to throw, he said no.

"What's the big deal?" he asked. "I didn't care."

On Thursday, Horvath walked from his seat towards the ice, where security saw the clear bag he was carrying. 

"He tried to stop me from throwing it and I powered through him," he said. "I powered through him, I got it right over top of him but he had me right away."

He said not only was he thrown out of the game, but he was also hit with a court order for throwing an octopus on the playing area.

The City of Detroit says it's unlawful for anyone to throw any object that could cause injury or damage at an athletic event.

In the Little Caesars Arena guidebook under prohibited items, it says nothing about octopuses.

"I've devoted my entire life to this team," Horvath said. "The amount of memorabilia I have is enough to fill a barn."

In previous years, NHL security has said they are against throwing things on the ice.

It is unclear if the Red Wings or the arena will ban it altogether.

"That's disappointing," Horvath said. "I still love the team, I still love the guys."