'This is a goosebump moment': Monster Energy AMA Supercross returns to Lucas Oil Stadium

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Posted at 2:29 PM, Jan 31, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — The Monster Energy AMA Supercross made its return to Indianapolis this weekend.

Indianapolis has a “rich history” in supercross racing, Sean Brennan said. The Supercross Public Relations manager with Feld Entertainment said the Circle City has hosted rounds since 1992.

However, last year things came to a halt because of the pandemic. The race in Indianapolis had to be canceled last minute. Fast-forward and Saturday night saw fans, riders and like back at Lucas Oil Stadium as round four of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross returned.

While some aspects are different, others remain the same. It takes about 500 truckloads and 26 million pounds of dirt to build a track and the tracks are different each round. Pre-pandemic, Brennen said it took about 2,400 people to put on this show. Now it is down to 900.

Brennen told WRTV Saturday morning these races are “like the NFL of dirt bike racing.” He said social distancing, mask-wearing, and sanitizing procedures are all in place to ensure rider and fan safety. Fans will be welcomed at a limited capacity and will enjoy the show in “pod seating.”

“We are thrilled that we are able to be on the forefront of creating a safe way for people to get back to work, but also for all of our performers on Disney on Ice, Monster Jam, and even here with supercross," Brennen said. "Supercross, if there’s racing athletes aren’t making money, their mechanics aren’t making money, everything feeds off of everything else from sponsorship to everything else. It’s extremely important that we are back to work and we are finding solutions to this challenge."

For one rider, there is also nothing like being home. Josh Osby’s home race is here in Indianapolis. The 24-year-old from Valparaiso said he grew up going to supercross shows at Lucas Oil and now he said he is thrilled to compete in them.

Osby said he got into supercross late for the sport, but it quickly became his passion. During the pandemic, Osby and his fellow riders are living and traveling in a bubble.

All riders are COVID tested before each race. Despite limited fan attendance during Rounds four, five, and six at Lucas Oil, Osby said he is looking forward to having fans back.

“I mean there’s a lot of pride being here, like this is home for me even when I flew in. Obviously I live two hours from here, but this is where I came as a kid. There’s just something so special when I’m flying in and seeing Lucas Oil Stadium and thinking about all the memories that come with that,” Osby said. “I’m truly a kid that started doing something he loved and now I’m here at the biggest stage in the entire world to do exactly that – what I love to do. So for me that’s special and I hope people can understand it’s me riding my dirt bike tonight, you can’t really see me, I got all my gear on, but under the helmet it’s a big smile of me doing absolutely exactly what I love to do and I’m very thankful to be able to do it.”

While this hometown rider said he did wake up nervous on Saturday, he is excited his family, friends and fellow Hoosiers will be able to see him ride in person.

Rounds four, five and six will be at Lucas Oil Saturday, Tuesday, and Saturday of next week. Tickets start at $15 and are still on sale.